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Idle Free Systems, Inc. ("Idle Free") is an innovative provider of complete, year-round idle elimination solutions for trucks and school buses.

Our Idle Free electric APU is The Complete Electric APU Solution,™ offering drivers and fleet operators a flexible, cost-effective alternative to discretionary idling without compromising performance, cost savings, driver comfort, or environmental safety.


In 2003 Idle Free Systems was established, initially producing APUs specifically for trucks pulling refrigerated trailers. This system, built with the patented Reefer Link™ technology, allows drivers to use energy from the reefer unit to heat or cool the bunk or cab, warm the engine or fuel tanks, and meet their "hotel" needs with 120 volt AC electricity all without idling their engine. Today, Idle Free offers the only idle elimination system on the market that can be powered by the TRU/Reefer.

Idle Free next introduced its flagship battery-based Idle Free electric APU that works with trucks pulling a standard "dry van", not just refrigerated trailers. The battery-based system captures and stores energy produced by the alternator when the truck is in motion. When the engine is off, this energy can be used to power A/C, heat, and onboard components such as televisions and microwaves.

Idle Free tested the battery-based system with Mack Trucks, which began offering it in its Factory Option Center for 2008 model year trucks. Today, the Idle Free electric APU is the recommended idle elimination solution on Mack's Pinnacle™ series of SmartWay-verified sleeper trucks. In 2012, Volvo began to offer Idle Free APUs in its Factory Option Center. Idle Free has grown dramatically in recent years as its dealer presence has expanded and it has received market acceptance from OEMs and large fleets.

In late 2013 Idle Free launched a new system targeted to the work truck segment of the commercial trucking industry. This represents an opportunity to penetrate a very large segment of the commercial trucking industry not currently being served by traditional APU manufacturers. Within a month of launching the system, Idle Free secured its first customer in the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, the organization responsible for snow plowing a significant portion of the states highway system.