The Idle Free School Bus Heat System is a complete, cost-effective idle elimination solution to school bus idling. It allows bus drivers and school districts to meet the needs of school-age children without compromising their health and safety—inside or outside the bus.

The Case for Idle Elimination

Eliminating idling protects school children (and teachers) from engine emissions

It is a common sight: school buses idling in front of a school or in a parking lot. The goal of discretionary idling is to keep cabins warm for school-age children and engines ready to go. But it also exposes children (and teachers) to engine emissions while wasting diesel fuel.

Concerned by the health, financial, and environmental costs of school bus idling, many school districts are looking for an idle elimination solution. The trick is finding one that doesn't lead to cold cabins, run-down batteries, or engines that won't start.

The patent-pending Idle Free School Bus Heat System offers a complete idle elimination solution for school buses. This system is designed specifically to heat school bus cabins and keep bus engines warm while also protecting the health and safety of passengers.

Benefits of the Idle Free Electric APU

The Idle Free School Bus Heat System offers school bus drivers and school districts many benefits compared to both discretionary idling as well as other idle elimination options, including diesel APUs and timer systems.

  • Complete idle elimination.
  • Reduced engine wear and tear and related maintenance costs.
  • A back-up heating system in the event the school bus breaks down on a cold day.
  • Easy installation (as little as 8 hours) and zero annual maintenance costs.

The Idle Free School Bus Heat System is an EPA SmartWay-verified technology. SmartWay-verified technologies are the cleanest and most fuel-efficient available on the market.

The system is also Idle Free's contribution to EPA Clean School Bus USA, an effort by business, education, transportation, and public-health organizations to encourage policies and practices to eliminate discretionary idling among public school bus fleets.

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