No Idle Solution for Work Trucks
  • Provides up to 8 hours of interior cab heat and engine heat whenever the truck is turned off
  • Operates the trucks interior and exterior lighting as well as communication devices
  • The system provides all these features without adding any weight or any enclosures to the truck. Adding the system decreases the weight of the truck by 35 pounds
  • Easy to install in about 3 hours and requires no added enclosures for system components—95% of the installation is on the trucks exterior


  • Save significant money by eliminating the need for engine idling
  • Enables the use of all existing lights needed for safety while keeping the driver warm
  • No iced or fogged windows
  • Operate communication equipment without idling the truck
  • Fuel savings include fuel normally needed for engine regeneration--engine regeneration intervals are increased because engine idling is eliminated
  • Comply with all city, municipal and state idling laws
  • Reduce CO2 emissions for a cleaner environment
  • CARB compliant

How It Works

No Idle Solution for Work Trucks

The Idle Free Work Truck No Idle Heat System™ includes a coolant heater and Engine Start Module (ESM) to provide engine heat, interior (cab) heat, and 12 volt electrical power for all work truck power needs. This system removes the need to start the engine with truck batteries. Engine starting is handled using the ESM. An ESM is similar to an ultracapacitor in that the module is charged by receiving electrons from the batteries attached to it or the alternator connected to it via the trucks batteries.

  • Engine Start Module (also known as an ultracapacitor)
    • The system uses the ESM instead of batteries to start a truck which allows the truck's battery type to change from starter batteries to deep cycle batteries.
    • A change to deep cycle batteries (no engine starting) matches the current trend/need of the batteries regarding engine off periods including idle elimination.
    • If the engine start needs are removed from the battery bank, the remaining batteries can be combined to perform all truck DC power needs.
  • Control
    • When the Idle Free Work Truck No Idle Heat System™ is turned on, power is supplied from the truck's battery to all necessary circuits to run the climate control.
    • The climate control functions for the cab are used in the same manner they would be if the engine were running.
    • The climate control functions (temperature-fan-mode) without needing to run the truck's engine.

Installation & Operations

No Idle Solution for Work Trucks

Installation of the system, which typically takes only three hours, actually decreases the overall weight of the truck by about 35 pounds. With this system design, Idle Free eliminates the need for dedicated enclosures for any of the system components, making for a simple, clean, easy installation.

  • System installation is typically 3 hours and requires a cable change, heater mounting, harness installation, fuel pump installation, engine coolant connections and toggle switch installation
  • No need for a dedicated enclosure—engine start module fits into any truck battery box that currently contains more than a single group 31 battery
  • Uses the current truck infrastructure with no integration into the trucks wiring
  • Simple to operate with a flip of a toggle switch installed in the cab