Use this calculator to estimate your acquisition price, yearly operational savings, cost of ownership, payback period, and internal rate of return for your new APU.

Total Cost of Ownership

Idle Free System* Electric APU Competitor Diesel APU
Purchase Price
Engine Heat Included
Cab Electrification Included
Other:Batteries, Shore Power Included
CARB Compliant Included
Installation Fee
Total Acquisition Price
Price of diesel per gallon
Weekly idling hours
Annual idling hours
Annual fuel costs **
Number of serviceable years
Total fuel costs
Annual Maintenance Costs
Total Maintenance Costs
Battery replacement
Total cost of ownership
Annual Fuel Savings
Annual Maintenance Savings
Total Savings
Payback Period (in months)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)*** % % %

*Standard Model

**One gallon every 4 idling hours

***Includes cost of battery replacement for electric systems every 4th year, if number of serviceable years is 4 or more